If you could go anywhere right now to 'get away from it all', where would you go?


6 Answers

LaRosa Hjort Profile
LaRosa Hjort answered

A cabin in the woods, with a generator so that it didn't get too cold lol. I love the outdoors and being out in the woods is something I've always love! ^^

larissa kowlessar Profile

Honestly, a really good day at the spa to get away from it all, playing nice soft slow music and relaxing. 

ly fen chen Profile
ly fen chen answered

I'd like to go to a place with natural forest, with birds singing, pure air, not many people, a quiet place in the countryside.

Allisondria Young Profile
Allisondria Young , honest, answered

I have actually left the city by myself to clear my mind. I went to a place I knew people would let me just think

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