You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?


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I'm tired of winter!  Send me to a Hawaii!!!!!!

Then in the summer, send me to cool off on a mountain top. 

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Cindy Lou answered

Anywhere, just anywhere. But if I could have a ticket, I would love to have one to ride the Orient Express (and of course have  a good traveling companion to go with me).  I need to research again it's exact path, but oh the places I would see.

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Paris 💝

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New York.

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Cindy  Lou
Cindy Lou commented
I had a guy try to kidnap me at LAX when I was 19. He was there scoping out young girls he thought may be runaways. I had to hide in the bathroom until someone could get help for me.
Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
Somehow you escaped me!
Seriously, that's REALLY scary. What happened to him?
Cindy  Lou
Cindy Lou commented
My friend knew I had landed but couldn't find me so he convinced them to make an "all call" over intercom for my name and I finally heard it in the bathroom at the same time I was asking for help from the older women in there. When I came out to answer to the intercom airport call for me , he was there waiting for me and I was able to point him out and they arrested him.
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Tickets to "anywhere", Where does this "anywhere" located? Well, if it is located in Spain or US, then i am departing right now.

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I would like to go Albany, GA. It is the best and amazing location for
visiting with family. There are many attractions for visiting. Every
year, a large number of tourists love to visit there and enjoy.

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