How Big Is Central Park?


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Central Park in New York City is an astounding 843 acres. It was once barren swampland but now has over 26,000 trees, 58 miles of walking paths and nearly 9,000 park benches!

Central Park was designed in 1858 by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. They envisioned the Park as an oasis for the people of New York City. They thought it would provide relief from overcrowding - even though, at that time, the city was less than a third of the size that it is today!

It seems that all 843 acres of the Park have been put to use. Central Park has facilities for concerts, softball games, tennis, cycling, jogging and rollerblading. It has two children's zoos and a theatre that is the venue for the famed 'Shakespeare in the Park' plays. The park is not just about activities though. There are many rest places and 'quiet zones', like the Shakespearean Gardens. The park also contains the magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art and numerous outdoor sculptures.

Central Park is the pride of the city so it is no surprise that real estate on the Upper East Side with grand views of the park is some of the priciest in Manhattan.
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Central park is approx. 840 acres. One acre of land = 43,560 sq. Ft. 840 x 43560 =36,590,400
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It is really kind of small.
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Central park is 843 acres which is around 1.25 square miles.
I don't think it is a small park:)

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