What is the nature of tourism?


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The nature of tourism is inviting people from near and far to visit and spend money to stay in a particular town,city etc. And to sight-see.

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There are two different sides to tourism. There is
the tourist themselves, the people that go and visit a place or
country. Then there is the business side to tourism, the company that
provides the tourist service and makes money out of it.

A tourist

The nature of tourism for a tourist is usually when someone goes somewhere, but only for a limited time, for example a holiday or a day trip. It can
be to see family, for leisure, sport, sightseeing, business or even
religious purposes.

Although usually when people think of tourism, it
is people travelling to a country that isn't there own. However you
can be a tourist in your own country, it just has to be somewhere that
is not your usual place of residence.

Tourism service

Tourism in some countries provides vital income
for the people that live there, and sometimes the countries
themselves. In the tourism industry, four services must be provided.
Money can be made by sorting travel, such as airline, coach travel
and car rental. The food industry is a large part of the tourism, in
places that get a lot of tourism, you will see lots of restaurants and
cafes. Accommodation is the biggest factor when it comes to tourism,
and can often bring in the most money, as it is vital when it comes
to a holiday. Lastly is entertainment, shows, tours and cultural
experiences can all bring money into a county. 

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Nature tourism is the go through and happiness regarding the common world, its regular cycles and occasions, completed in a way that advances the security of normal and human groups and thought for the individuals who will acquire our reality...!!!!!!!!

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