What Is The Importance Of Food Tourism In Philippines?


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Food tourism is a growing phenomenon all over the world, years ago it was unheard of but with food and cooking becoming more and more popular, people are prepared to travel the world not only to see how other countries live and their cultures but what they eat and different dishes to try.

You will find that many hotels now offer cookery classes so that not only can you try different types of food you can learn to cook them too.

  • Filipino people love their food and in the Philippines you will find numerous restaurants and many street food stalls serving many types of local dishes. If you visit the Philippines, you will most definitely be asked to try a food called "Balut". It might not sound too inviting, Balut is a boiled fertilized duck egg with a partially fertilized embryo inside. It is said to be very good for you and very high in protein. If you still want to try after reading this, there is an art to eating it, you crack a hole in the shell and suck the contents out through the hole. It is said that if a traveler is willing to try "Balut" then you are willing to experience the Filipino culture.
  • Another strange food that you will find on street stalls is "Isaw" which is Barbequed Chicken intestines. Sometimes it may be better to try first and questions after.
  • There are also many restaurants in The Philippines serving many delicious meals. The Filipino people tend to use different dips for their food, for example, they dip their meat into vinegar or soy sauce and also have many different sauces with fish.
  • There are many restaurants to choose from which will suit all budgets as it is extremely cheap to eat out in The Philippines. It is always a good idea to check out Restaurant reviews online before you visit and make a list of the more popular restaurants first.

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