Where do you like to vacation the most?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Almost anywhere but I prefer the Tropics. Might get some time to go back East soon though.

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Didge Doo answered

Mollymook Beach, about 200 km south of Sydney. The sand is white, the sea is a lovely shade of aquamarine, and the surf is so clean you could garble with it.,

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Debbi Kookiegirl
That is just beautiful
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Thanks,Kookie. We love it. Unfortunately the units we normally stay at have been sold and we're not sure what it will be like from now on. The previous owners became friends as much as landlords. They're nice people.
Didge Doo
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Fabulous! It must be beautiful there.
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Janis Haskell answered

I like to spend time in the mountains and rent a little cabin in the woods (preferably near a river or lake) :)

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I prefer a small cabin in the woods on a mountain. Just like in the song "Lay Low" from Josh Turner. Good luck.

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DDX Project answered

Depends on how I'm feeling. If I'm feeling glorious and want to burn some cash, I'd go to Sweden or New Zealand. My favorite place right now is New Zealand, absolutely gorgeous in the the northern wilderness. Auckland life is fabulous.

If I'm currently hating life and wished society would burn, I'd go to Thailand. Getting spendy in Thailand is possible too (All the shopping in the world *drools*), but the great thing about Thailand is that you can have fun at all levels.

Personally when I'm in Thailand, most likely Bangkok, I trade in the 5 star for a rancid dirt motel on Khaosan Road for a few Baht (Thai Currency). Dressed in PJ pants, flip flops, and a Queens T-shirt at night. Walking up and down the vast amount of food stalls, vendors, shops, live music, massage parlors with the little fishy nibbling at your feet, and the restaurants. While holding a 32oz of beer. 

That's my don't give a **** zone right there. Otherwise that's less than 1% of all the things you can do in Thailand.

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Panama City Beach, FL...it's just beautiful, white sand, blue ocean.

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Jason Levy , Vacation , answered
I often visit South America, so i find it the most amazing and relaxing destination. Montgomery is the one i explored a lot and had amazing time with dolphin.

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