Why do people use a travel agent?


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My family sometimes takes vacations together, with people coming from different cities. By using a travel agent she can work out the details to get everyone arriving around the same time and booking rooms next to each other. Last year we did a family cruise. We had people flying in from Miami, Orlando, Dallas, Kansas City, and San Francisco. It was just easier to let someone else work out the details, and it didn't cost a thing.

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It's an agent for selling tickets to people and give information as well. I have just bought tickets with my family to US in this November, it's convenient and for asking any details from people who work in the agent.

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As easy as it is to make your own travel plans on line, some people still prefer to have someone else do for them.  Personally, I'd rather do it myself... Because I have had some bad experiences with travel agents.

Last time, we went to Miami and almost ended up losing our reservation because our 'trusted' travel agent 'forgot' or didn't bother to advise the hotel that we had a late flight and we would need to check in late at night.  If it wasn't for the fancy footwork of the hotel clerk, we would have been in big trouble trying to find accommodations with the boat show going on at that time.

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Jackson Disuja , travel agent, answered

I think travel agent can be providing you better services . They would be giving the correct information and easily can plan  vacations .

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IMO because of lazyness. You can book anything online these days, and you don't need one. I have a friend that opened a travelling agency just when smartphones were unveilled and guess what - he is now an insurance broker.

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As per Today's  life  people are too busy in their  daily routine so they want easy and quick work. For example If we want to decide to for holidays and we have no time to buy a ticket then its a good decision to select a Travel Agent,They provide all facilities to us with in a reliable time that make our holidays perfect  and we don't bother  about any thing.

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