What is the safest place in America for a minority person to live?


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As I remember your questions before. I know you're a Muslim so I know the purpose behind your question.

Let me admit unfortunately some uneducated Americans still are out there in U.S which they are unwise enough to insult everyone because of the unreasonable action of some group. It's a sad fact but you need to know, you focus less on this and try to avoid these kind of people if you felt it that way so you'll be fine.

But the other main point is as long as you behave yourself, you'll be fine. The most Muslims who find problem in United States is because of themselves.

- Mind your own business

- Stop talking about Islam

- Don't advise others with your Islamic opinions.

- Be reasonable and polite about not shaking hands or using Hijab or other rules that might exist in your world. Look, the point, in a country that such a thing (Hijab or not shaking hand) is totally unreasonable attitude it's hard to deal with such. Everyone live different and we need respect each other's ideas and lifestyles but even personally when i think about it, i feel disrespected and i would be insecure like why would you hide your hair from you me like that? I'm not a monster! So you see? Just if you faced such insecurities around you, try to be reasonable and behave yourself to not cause problem.

- The other fact is that's right U.S is a land of free but if you wanna live your Islamic culture all the way without any small changes, the best thing for you is to stay in your own country. Otherwise if you wanna live in U.S you need to cope with it's culture and lifestyle and people as much as possible or you'll have problems.

- If you going through education, in the classroom, you shouldn't talk about Islam at all. "Religion" at any kind doesn't have any space in educational environments. There is science. You must cope with it.

These are tips that I could remember, and trust me I have seen examples a this kind closely that cause everyone problems. So just

1. Stay who you are but cope with your new environment

2. Keep your beliefs to yourself.

Then I can't think of any reason that you would find problem with.

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Here in Texas whites and blacks are minority, yes there are more Hispanic legal and illegal than others, so come to Tx.

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Matt has good advice in his answer.

Basically, it boils down to a general rule:
Don't talk politics or religion, before you have a REALLY good idea how the person/people you are talking with will respond.

Other than that ... There are bigots and idiots in every nation.  Unfortunately, they don't all live in one place.  It would make dealing with them (or avoiding them) so much easier, if they were.

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Florida is the safest place in America for a minority person to live.

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