What's The Best And Safest Country To Live In Latin America?


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According to the Human Development Index, the top five countries in Latin America are Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Panama and Mexico. As for the safest countries, a group known as FTI Consulting has identified Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay as the safest places to live in Latin America. If you're curious, Haiti and Venezuela are the least safe countries, and Mexico is considered to have "high insecurity." Argentina also suffers from a high crime rate. Thus, the answer to your question is Chile or Uruguay.

How exactly was that answer reached?

The Human Development Index is an objective system designed to rank the world's countries based on comparative measures of education, literacy, life expectancy and standards of living. This system is often used to categorise countries as developed, developing or under-developed, and it also measures economic policies and child welfare.

A United Nations initiative, the Human Development Index was established in 1990 to inspire a shift from an international focus on financial viability to one that centralises on social development and progress. In this new system of development indexing, a country's economy now functions alongside its peoples' access to education and their guarantee of a long life.

On the most recent index, Chile ranked 45th internationally. Argentina was ranked 46th, Uruguay 52nd, Panama 54th and Mexico 56th.

In regard to the safest versus least safe debate, FTI Consulting conducted its research based on local police stations and NDOs in each Latin American country. Its system ranks nations on a scale of one to five, with 1 designating the safest countries and 5 designating the ones that are the least safe. Costa Rica, Chile and Uruguay rank 2 on this scale, which means that their crime rates are stable. Argentina is facing myriad drug crime issues, and city crimes remain the nation's second highest cause of danger.

As Chile and Uruguay rank high on both lists, they can be seen as the best and safest Latin American countries.
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It all depends on what you want to accomplish...If you are looking for economic and political stability Chile is the best choice. If you want to retire, Then the city of Cuenca, Ecuador has been selected as one of the best places to retire in the world. As far as healthcare Costa Rica, seems to be the place to be. Go to the U.S. Secretary of State website (  for a wealth of information on every country in Latin America.
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Probably Costa Rica.

It has a stable government, well-liked by the USA (which is helpful). Historically the government has usually been democratic (not always, though). It has also been very stable economically and socially. Costa Rica lacks the history of violence, poverty and social conflict that plagues most of the rest of Latin America.

Part of the reason for lack of social conflict is the heavy percentage of European ancestry in the residents. The lack of much slavery (or many plantations where slaves were imported to work on) made a difference, too. This means that most people's ancestors had roughly equal status in Costa Rican society. Thus, there are few knock-on social divisions generations later.

The region is heavily deforested and there are problems with desertification. But it still features some beautiful coastlines, and is actively promoting ecotourism. Health care can be very good, and the incidence of nasties (like malaria) is very low.

Chile is also a reasonably nice place to live. Until the military coup in 1974 it had an even longer and more stable history of democracy and good management than Costa Rica. Chile now has a democratic government.

Argentina has potential, but has had severe recent economic downturns. Both Chile and Argentina had repressive military ruling regimes in recent years, too.

Some of the Caribbean islands are quite nice to live on, too. But you might need a lot of money!
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I agree Panama by Forbes and other sources has claimed Panama City, Panama and the country itself as one of the safest in latin america.
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According to the UN human development index list. The Latin american countries with the highest HDI are as follows

Costa Rica
Trinidad y Tobago

However, it depends on what life level you want and where in the country you live. I wouldn't like to live in Cuba. I've never been there. It might be a good place to live in(as the UN states), but I would like to be able to use a cellphone whenever I want, or to go to another country on holidays. Also, Mexico seems to be having troubles with insecurity right now, but it also manage to have cities with HDI similar to european countries and is the one with the highest net income per capita.
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Right now, Chile is the safest and less corrupt country in Latin America.
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True, but Chile really sucks (from a cultural perspective). I've lived 100 miles from the Chilean border for a few years now, and I'm always amazed at how unpleasant they are (especially compared to Argentines). Anyway, my take.
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The most insecure place to live is USA for sure, you never hear of kids killing in Latin American schools, I am afraid to go there.

The most secure place I would say is Chile even though Chileans are not the most friendly people, the nicest people are from DR.

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Vulnerability is part of the human condition; i.e., there is no such thing as a "safe place"  one might be walking in a mall in the U.S. And get shot by a lunatic. It has happened.
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The United States is quickly becoming a Latin American country.  Most of Florida cities already have Latino majorities.  So why go to Latin America when Latin America is coming here.  The Obama administration will increase Latino immigration because they are mostly dependent people who will vote democratic.

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