we gonna move to another state and we were looking for the big trucks for picking our stuff please help me if you know the best ones and how much it could cost ? from (Erie.PA to Houston.TX)


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Uhaul is one of the best in my experience. You could also try Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Many of their commercial stores carry large moving vans and other vehicles. Keep in mind, there will be extra fees if you are planning on a one way trip. Also, cost will vary depending on your area, time of year, possible specials, distance traveling, and one way trips. Call into one of your local stores for the most accurate pricing. It's nearly impossible for me to give you an accurate price range. Good luck with your move!

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mawada yousef
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thanks for your help ! but Uhaul and Enterprise biggest truck size is 26' and its kind of small for us, we went bigger ones
Charles Davis
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I use enterprise every time I need to rent a car, I've never used them for a truck rental though. I love their "We'll pick you up" service. So when I have to get my car serviced I use Enterprise.
Corey The Goofyhawk
Oh yeah, that pick up service is our claim to fame, especially with all these Honda/Acura recalls.
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That's hard to say, do you want a "do it yourself" truck or a moving service? What Cory said is a good option and they run around $1,000 (However it's been a while since I've rented one). Then they have moving services, I really don't know what they run, but I'm sure they'd give you an estimate. They are really the easy way to go, if you can afford them, they pack it, truck it and unpack it. I've gone both ways.

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U-Haul, Penski, or Enterprise is a truck rental service. They go hourly, daily or mileage. You pack everything yourself, and load it all yourself and unload everything yourself, then return the truck to a local dealer. they give you a set number of day to do this and is usually a pretty good amount of time. A moving service comes in, packs everything, loads everything, trucks it, and unloads it in your new home.
mawada yousef
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the moving service will be more expensive right ?
Charles Davis
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Oh yeah I imagine by far. When I've used them it was always a company move so I didn't pay for it, therefore I really don't know how much it was.
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There is an outfit named PODS to consider.  They deliver a shipping container to your house.  You pack it.  They haul it to yoiur new location and yhou unpack it.  They can even temp store the conntainer for you.

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