How Far Is It From Nairobi, Kenya To Abu, Nigeria, And How Much Would It Cost To Go Roundtrip From One To The Other If You Were A Native?


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How far is it from nairobi,kenya,nigeria. And how much would it cost to go round trip from one to the other if you were a native?
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I'm guessing you mean Abuja, in Nigeria.  The capital of the country.  I can't find a town just called Abu (I imagine Abu is a nickname for Abuja?).

Here's a list of all the airlines going into Nairobi International Airport, and where they fly from... And Abuja isn't listed.  Which suggests you won't find a direct flight.

Here's the listings of connections to Abuja airport; most of the International flights (7 a week) are to places like London or Frankfort, not other cities in other African countries.

Sample itinerary: Ethiopian airlines goes from Nairobi to Lagos, via Addis Addaba (capital of Ethiopia).  The 2 flight legs add up to a total of about 7 hours in the air, and you probably have to stay overnight in Addis Addaba.  Fares start at  (one-way or round-trip, per adult) 40,656 Kenya schillings (about GBP £304).  Plus taxes and airport fees.

Once in Lagos you'd have to change and fly on an internal Nigerian airline, or take other means (taxi, minibus, bus, train -- when the network gets finished).  Bellview airlines (Nigerian) takes about an hour to fly from Lagos to Abuja, and the cost starts at about 12,000 naira (about £50), for a one way flight.  I suspect taxes and fees are extra charges on top of that.

If you could book last minute and find local travel agents to help you with the different legs of the journey you might be able to cut the price, but it's a lot of leg work on your part.

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