How many states have you been to?


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Just one and it was Virginia. As for countries, I've been to:

1. Wales, UK (Twice)

2. Melbourne, Australia

3. Abu Dhabi

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Due to work requirements and interest in travel I have been to or in many cases through all states and territories except Alaska and Hawaii. Now I don't like to travel.

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I've actually been in each state in the U.S. With the exception of Alaska, and Hawaii....when I was young, my parents put us in the back of a Dodge Ramcharger that was converted where the back seat would lay down into a bed and we camped our way across the country and back, I'm glad I was old enough to remember that trip.

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California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho,  Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alaska.  If you count changing airplanes then Texas, Nebraska, Montana, Hawaii.  Also  Purto Rico, the American Virgin Islands, Guam,

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Only been to about ten states and the list of countries I've been in is too long to list here especially if you add the Island nations and island groups I've been too.

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1. Queensland (live there.  I'm there right now)

2. New South Wales

3. California

4. Michigan

5. Indiana

6. Illinois

7. Minnesota

8. Ontario

So, 7.  I won't count Ontario because that's not a state

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Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Illinois, California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Hawaii

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I had travelled several states in the USA. My favourite state is Alabama. In Alabama I spent my vacations in Montgomery and it was my best trip ever. There are exciting Venues in Alabama, where you can visit.The various events, like sports, night events, local events and attractions which made my trip memorable. Also, the place has an amazing collection of hotels that not only provide stay, but also other amenities and events that help in making the trip memorable and enjoyable.

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