How many different countries have you been to?


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USA= fun

Italy= beautiful architecture

London = hate Heathrow airport

France = fantastic

Morocco =was the best.

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Ray  Dart
Ray Dart commented
Everyone hates Heathrow Airport - it's just too big. Frankfurt manages to be just as hateful despite being less than half the size. (And they are ARE EVEN BETTER at losing your luggage).
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PJ Stein answered

Let's see.... US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Belize, Honduras, Germany, Austria, France.... I think that is it, so 9. 

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Maurice Korvo answered

I would guess at about 30, I do not recall all the island nations in the Caribbean that we have been to. Been to 4 continents, missing Africa, Asia, and Australia.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I've been to 5, I think, and like Korvo, I'm not counting the various islands that I've been to.

Janis Haskell Profile
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Only three:  The USA, Mexico, and Canada

I hope I'll have a chance to add to the list. :)

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Well I have never been out of Iran due to a stupid mandatory military service which doesn't allow male citizens who haven't passed their military service, leave the country. I dropped out of University two months ago after almost three years of studying without getting my PhD! And next saturday I will be starting my military service next Saturday. I  am so sad but at least after 2 years of serving, I will be free at last! Then I will start visiting other countries. Of course I am working on a paper which I hope to present at a conference abroad cause theythe let you go if it is for a scientific reason. So who knows maybe I could see a different country before my military service ends

I am gonna be a soldier, damn it!!!

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Ally Gh
Ally Gh commented
@Tiger Two after maximum of three days, I will have access to the internet. I will check out blurtit everyday. Thank you so muchmuch for the kind words
Toni Pauze
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I'll watch for you.
Ally Gh
Ally Gh commented
Thanks a million dear Tiger
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Ray Dart answered

France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Czech Republic, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Dubai, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, India, USA, Kenya, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland.

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Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
You are currently my hero, and have an open invitation to visit New England in the United States . . . I can show you around the New Hampshire seacoast and white mountains.
Ray  Dart
Ray Dart commented
I spent some time in Manchester NH, working with Bedford Computer (alas, no longer with us). I never saw anything but the company, hotels and the airport. I always said I'd go back one day to look around properly.
Darik Majoren
Darik Majoren commented
Manchester is an hour away and has one of the best Diner's I have ever eaten at.
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The only one I visited in my adulthood was Malaysia, It was awesome, I don't know if all the countries are like that but they try to trick tourists a lot. Other than that it was amazing. I felt so free..

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carlos Striker answered

Every time I come to town I feel different in my own country. Everybody thinks I am a tourist especially taxi drivers, trying to rip me off.

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