What do you know about Romania? I'm just curious to hear people's perceptions of it without looking anything up :)


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Vampires live there and Charlie Weasley moved there to study dragons.  Apart from where it is in the world, those are the only two things that I know about Romania.

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hey cameron
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Thanks for answering lol. I think a lot of people think of vampires. I'm half Romanian and I have family there. I'm visiting for a couple weeks this summer :)
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Hi Cameron! I know that it’s the home of vampires
and that Dracula’s castle is still located somewhere in the country. I am not
sure if that’s a real story, but it’s indeed quite spooky. I am pretty sure
that this attracts a lot of curious tourists. It’s a cool place, do visit it if
you have the chance to!

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This sounds generic, but the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Romania is the flag.

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