Does anybody know what time zone is used by Blurtit? At the time of asking it's about 1400 Sunday in eastern Oz, 0400 GMT, 12 midnight in NYC, and 2100 Saturday in LA.
No need to answer. Problem solved by checking this. This site uses GMT. 


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You are talking a foreign language to me my friend! Lol!

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It's pretty straight forward. It just means that the time used on this site is the English time zone (which runs through the meridian of Greenwich, which is 0 degrees of longitude). If you adjust for your local time, allowing for US daylight saving, you can tell when the questions were asked).
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You are so smart my friend! ☺
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It actually runs on Norfolk time.

At the Suffolk customs post there is a sign that reads:

"Welcome to Norfolk, put your watches back 30 years"

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When I worked for the Japanese it was part of my job each year to advise Japan about the various daylight savings times. I always listed Queensland as being 20 years behind which was guaranteed to get a protest from the Qld manager.

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