How and when do you plan your trip (destination, budget, accommodation, etc.)?


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wedding itself might sound very expensive, but it is actually less expensive
than having one where you actually live. My husband and I are complete travel
geeks and love exploring new places. We held our wedding in Istanbul, Turkey
with a limited guest list. Turkey holds a special significance for us because
we met while I was there on a university exchange program and my husband was
pursuing a degree in Engineering. The location seemed the one to tie our knots
in and so we planned everything up and even ended up saving money for our

is a big deal here because you are planning a wedding away from your hometown
where you usually know everyone. Luckily we had friends there so it was lightly
easy for us to hire the right vendors. Apart from that, we chose a natural
setting for the wedding which saved up a lot of money from d├ęcor. A lot of
resorts and venues have an in-house wedding planner who are professional,
experienced and budget-friendly. So make sure to go through their work before
hiring them.

might seem to be a hassle, but you can actually save money through
block-booking and group traveling. Most of all, you can cut down the guest list
to people who are closest to you, and end up saving money here as well.

more tips and help, you can go through and

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