I'm planning a trip around Europe - what are the top 5 destinations I can't miss out on?


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There are plenty of great places to go if you're planning a whistle-stop tour of the European continent, so limiting this list to only my top five could prove rather difficult!

My top five European destinations:

  • Berlin: Germany's capital is steeped in history and culture, so you'll never run out of things to do and landmarks to see whilst you're there! The architecture is as impressive as it is beautiful, and there is no shortage of bars, restaurants and sights to see. If you have an interest in history or love the cosmopolitan lifestyle then Berlin is the place for you!

  • Budapest: The capital of Hungary is actually made up of two separate places - Buda and Pest, so make sure you have a good look around both parts. They are divided by the impressive river Danube which pours 15 million gallons of water into the city's 118 springs and baths every day! Budapest is a beautiful city full of culture, which makes it a must-see destination.

  • Istanbul: Istanbul is a melting pot of two major world civilisations - its history means that the city is a vibrant mixture of both Asian and European heritage, which is precisely why Istanbul is such an interesting destination. Must-see sights in Istanbul include the Hagia Sophia, which highlights the beauty and multi-cultural aspect of the city.

  • Dubrovnik: This Croatian city is one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe. It has Mediterranean climates, golden beaches and beautiful scenery. Walking the medieval city walls is a must-do, as is visiting one of the small and equally beautiful islands off Dubrovnik's coastline.

  • Venice: Venice is a fascinating place - it's a truly unique travel destination. The hundreds of waterways flowing through the city provide the main method of travel around Venice, and this makes visiting there such a remarkable experience. The city is one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, so be sure to take that someone special here!
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Dan has some good choices, but I'd add Paris & Rome to the list though there may be some other viable options based upon your interests that could make a difference. For example do you lean towards historical cities and if you do what time period are you interested in?

Also if you're interested in art history I'd suggest completely different cities.

Is wine or wine making of interest to you there'd be a whole different list of regions you should visit.

Are you interested in Castles? Germany might be a good choice either along the Rhine or in Bavaria and even then they are vastly different.

And of course there's always military history and once again you have to say which war or wars you gravitate towards. For example Verdun or Normandy in France.

Konigsee is one of the prettiest places I've ever been and it is close to Munich or Salzburg and Vienna.

I could go on and on so if you can give me a better idea of what interests you and I can answer your question more specifically.

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Great to have a personal recommendation for somewhere to stay - thanks, Allie!
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I've never been to either Barcelona or Stockholm, but would like to see both. Unfortunately, my wife has been to both and she tends to not want to repeat going places she has already been so I'll have to do them on my own sometime.
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Can't you persuade her to go back - maybe at a different time of year to the last time she visited?
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I will have to wait till I get my genealogy "bush" done before I make a really good list. Otherwise,  I would visit the top 5 stops along the line between Oslo, Norway and Milan, italy. Why? I've always loved history and there is tons of places of historical significance between those two points,  so it's a start.

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