How Much Does A Plane Ticket To Russia Cost?


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The question needs to be more specific. A flight from one city and state to another city in Russia. Also is the ticket round trip meaning you are traveling there and back again with about a week, or are you making a one-way trip. Also take into consideration if it is a straight flight or a flight with one or more stop overs, which means that you stop at one or more airports on the way to your destination.

Right now a flight to Moscow, Russia (airport code DME) from Los Angeles, California (LAX) leaving Feb 20 and returning Feb 27 is about $856.60 through United Airlines. This is actually cheap for a one stop flight (stopping at Franz Josef Strauss International Airport (MUC) in Munich, Germany, and is on an Airbus A340-600, operated by Lufthansa.,,50062,00.html?flightO=LAX&flightD=DME&vs_campaign=SEMMoscow&vs_engine=Google&vs_keyword=flight%20to%20russia
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The cost of a flight ticket from cameroon to russia in russian

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