How Much Is A Bus From Mcallen To Dallas?


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A Greyhound service from McAllen, Texas, to the city of Dallas costs $51.00 for a single adult standard fare, and $59.00 for a refundable booking, going one-way. This is for a service leaving on Wednesday 18 May 2011. A Web-only cheaper fare option is available through the Greyhound website, located at, and costs $45.90 for a single adult travelling. The journey time for the trip is around 11 hours, and can either be direct or involving one or two transfers, depending on what time of day you travel. A return ticket will cost $88.20 for a Web-only fare, $98.00 for a single or $110.00 for a refundable, all with one adult travelling on the ticket. As the journey time is relatively large, and the distance between the two cities over 500 miles, it may be worth considering a flight if you have some money to spare and ample time to book in advance. One-way flights for a single passenger, non-stop, can start at around $180 from sites such as Expedia, and will only take one-and-a-half hours as opposed to 11. These flights will run from McAllen, TX (MFE) to Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) on carriers such as American Airlines, Continental, United and Delta. Alternatively, the journey by car will take around nine hours, going through both San Antonio and Austin for the most direct route.  Other options include flying from San Antonio to Dallas, but as tickets average around $120 with a four-hour drive time from McAllen to the city, they end up being less than economical in terms of travelling efficiently on a short trip. Realistically, though, if you are going to be staying in Dallas for a few weeks or so, it’s probably best just to grit your teeth and deal with half a day on the coach.

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