How Far Is It From Mexico City To Acapulco, Tijuana, And Cancun?


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I cannot believe anybody thinks Tijuana (TJ) is a worthy tourist destination.  Okay, maybe if you're into dumb gringo pursuits and only have a few hours which which to hit Mexico.  But otherwise, Mexico has so much better to offer elsewhere.

Driving distances (from calculator at Mexico Channel):

Ciudad de Mexico

to Acapulco: 411 km / 256 miles
to TJ: 2880 km / 1792 miles
to Cancun (estimated): 1700 km / 1100 miles

Straightline / as the bird distances, plus or minus 2%, from Mexico City to

Acapulco: 290 km / 181 miles
TJ: 1801 km / 1422 miles.
Cancun: 1300 km / 808 miles

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