What Can You Take On A Plane In Your Hand Carry Luggage?


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You can get the updated rules for the UK at

The main change seems to be that you are now allowed to take some liquids again (as of 6 November 2006) but no more than 100 ml and it must be in a transparent container. You can take medicines etc which are larger than this, but they can be tested. Whatever you take with you, it must fit into a bag no larger than 56x45x25 cm. You can't really take anything that doesn't fit into this bag. You can take a laptop, but then it counts as your piece of hand luggage, so you can't have the bag.

I didn't see anything about sharp objects, but presumably they are still not allowed. On the website there is a link where you can ask questions, if anything isn't clear.
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Tim O'Shea
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Is this the latest information, or has the law been changed?
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The law hasn't been changed since 6 Nov, but people are apparently getting angry about the restrictions, so there could be changes soon. Best check again before flying.
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Can you take animals on the plane ...small as in bunny's?
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In a nutshell everything liquid with the exception of baby formula. They are afraid if I bring hand cream it might explode...

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