How Far Is It From Hong Kong To Vietnam?


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Hong Kong is a country that is located in the eastern part of the Asian continent. It is bordered by South China Sea and the China. Initially it was a colony of United Kingdom and later it was ceded by China. Till today Hong Kong is under the control of the Chinese Government.

Vietnam on the other hand is a country that is located in the south-eastern part of Asia. It is bordered by Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, and South China Sea, alongside China, Laos, and Cambodia. The Vietnam War is quite well known war which lasted for decades and led to the death of several people including women and children. The distance between these two countries starting from their capital cities is 870.03 km. This distance can be covered by airways or waterways.
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In a straight line as-the-crow-flies direction, the distance from Hong Kong to Vietnam (Hanoi, to be precise) is 592 miles (952 km). So it's a good bit closer than you may think just by looking at the map.

Sitting to the west of Hong Kong, Hanoi is at 21:02:00N 105:51:00E.

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