How Long Should It Take To Walk 2.7 Miles?


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Walking at a brisk pace, you can go two miles in under half an hour. Therefore, 2.7 miles would take around 40 minutes at a brisk pace. Of course, everyone walks at a different speed, so it all depends!

This is a good demonstration of how little time is required to integrate beneficial exercise into your life. Less than half an hour is needed for a brisk walk of two miles. Most people feel that the prospect of devoting this chunk of time to walking isn't too daunting!

Surprisingly, sometimes running for the same distance may wind up taking more time in the end. The reason for this is that people feel that they may need special equipment to run whereas walking can be more casual. Also, feeling winded at the end of the run may result in taking a longer break, and a shower as well. Walking can be a good option for those wanting to gently integrate exercise into their lifestyle.
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I walked 2.7 miles this morning! I never exercise and smoke (so not very fit!!) and I am only 5"1 so takes me longer than most and it took me 52 mins! So for a normal fit person (of average height) it should take about 30-40 mins or less to walk 2.7 miles!
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53 min
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Covering any distance by foot i.e. By walking depends upon the person covering the distance and his speed of walking. There is no stipulated time limit to cover the distance. Here the distance mentioned is 2.7 miles. This distance can be covered in a very short time or a long time owing to the speed of the walker. Several other things also influence the time required to cover a certain distance. The paths, the topography of the land, the urgency of the situation are all various factors that determine the time needed and used to cover the decided distance.    If a person is out on a stroll then he would be in no hurry and walk at a relaxed pace thus taking a longer time than another person is in a hurry to reach somewhere and covers the equal distance. The person walking for exercise would fall somewhere in between and would maintain a fixed speed limit. Similarly the topography i.e. If the path is level and straight then the distance is easily covered than a path which has a lot of curves and uneven terrain. Approximately at an even speed it might take a couple of hours to cover the distance of 2.7 miles.
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Oh my goodness. It would not take 2 hours and 42 minutes! If you're going 3 miles per hour, it would have to take less than 1 hour!
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A year
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I know that the average human can walk 3 miles per hour. So, It would take you 2 hours and 42 minutes if you walk EXACTLY 2.7 miles at EXACTLY 3mph.
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Are you serious?
If you walk 3 MPH = MILES PER HOUR. then in ONE HOUR you have covered THREE MILES.
As THREE MILES is LESS than 2.7 MILES then it will be LESS than one hour to do 2.7 miles and not 2 hours 24 minutes.

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