How Much Time Does It Take To Walk 2 Miles?


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It would take 30 minutes to walk 2 miles. If you walk fast it would be 20 minutes to reach 2 miles.
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There is no fixed time for covering two miles by walking. Actually it is a subjective thing and it differs form person to person. Thus the speed and the strides of a person actually determine the time limit that a person would take to cover two miles by foot. The terrain or the geographical conditions also determine the time taken for covering a certain distance. If the road or the path is straight then a person might cover it faster than when the road or the pathway has several curves, twists and turns.

It is also easy to cover distance very fast when the weather conditions are suitable and very difficult when they are not. Thus several factors are responsible and have to be considered while determining the time taken for covering a certain distance. Why don't you actually try walking the distance and see for yourself as to how much time you take to cover the distance. It would be a much better technique than relying on hearsay and unreliable information.
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30 min
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Distance = Rate*Time

2Miles = Your average speed(in MPH)*Time(in hours)  -- use this if you know your average MPH while walking.


10560ft=Rate(feet per minute)*Time  -  use this for the same answer, but it will be in the unit of minutes.

Time(minutes) = (10560ft)/Your average feet/minute)
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It takes me forty five minutes to walk 2 miles.  One slight hill on the first quarter of the walk.

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