Does Malaysian Need Visa To Go To Italy?


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The answer to the question whether a Malaysian needs a visa to go to Italy depends very much on why the particular person in question needs to visit the country.

  • What if I want to visit as a tourist, or to visit a family member for a short period?
Fortunately, if you are a tourist or just visiting family or friends and intend to stay in Italy for less than 90 days, then any Malaysian who is both born and resident in their home country does not require a visa to travel to Italy.

Similarly, if you plan on visiting Italy for business purposes for less than 90 days, then you do not require a specific Malaysian visa to Italy.

Finally, if you are to visit Italy at the direct invitation of an Italian sports federation or recognized events organizer and intend to be in the country for less than 90 days, then you do not require a visa to visit the country.

  • What if I have specific reasons other than those outlined above to visit Italy?
There are several circumstances when you may or will require a visa to visit Italy.

The first of these could be if your visit is scheduled to last more than 90 days. In some cases, it would be advisable to contact the Italian embassy in Malaysia to discuss your specific needs.

  • What circumstances will I require a visa to visit Italy from Malaysia?
There are certain instances where a visa to Italy is required for Malaysians, such as:
- if you are intending to seek long term residency and/or employment in the country
- if you are intending to join existing family members in Italy long term
- if you wish to stay in the country for religious reasons
- if you wish to study in Italy
- if you are seeking medical treatment in Italy
- if you are looking to adopt in Italy

  • What information do I need to supply as part of the visa application process?
In most cases, in addition to applying for a visa, the applicant will be asked to provide other details to supplement their application, which can include a passport-style photograph, a passport which is valid for at least three months after the visa will expire, details of how the applicant intends to support themselves financially while in the country and also evidence that they have found adequate accommodation in the part of Italy where they are to be based.

  • Who can I contact if I have any questions?
In almost all cases, other than short term visits of less than 90 days, it is advisable to contact the Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the specific needs of your visit. They can be contacted at:

Embassy of Italy
99, Jalan U Thant, 55000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 006 0342 554 122 or 006 0342 565 228

Website :

E-mail: [email protected]
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No, a Malaysian going to Italy for tourism, does not need a visa, and can stay up to 90 days maximum.
Information can verified from the website for Italy's Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
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No....check out the following list from the malaysian immigration department. There are very few EU countries for which we need VISAs.

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