What are best things to see and do in New York, aside from the typical tourist attractions?


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Kathryn Wright , I love travelling and especially love New York, answered

On a recent trip to New York, although I had planned in plenty of tourist attractions, such as:

  • Central Park
  • Rockefeller Centre
  • Watch a Broadway Musical
  • Empire State Building
  • Ground Zero
  • Chrysler Building

The only one I went to was Central Park, and just to walk around and chill out, away from the busy streets of the city. There is a zoo there, but it's nicer to see the incredibly well-fed squirrels that are around the park and to have soup from a cardboard bowl at the boat-house.

Instead I had business meeting that took me to other parts of the city. I can definitely recommend Soho, go and pretend you have enough money to buy some of the art work, and go around the art galleries there. Fantastic exhibitions, better art work than I have seen in any other art galleries for years - and all for free! It's also worth just going to the Upper East Side and walking around. There is some amazing architecture and you can see how many of the houses are decorated. Totally gorgeous!

I also went to see some of the landmarks from Sex and the City, such as the Magnolia bakery, where they make amazing cupcakes for only $3! Hell's kitchen is also worth a visit as is Chinatown, although it's good to go to the more remote places with someone who knows where they're going.

Instead of going to see a musical, it was suggested that we go to see something that the New York locals would see, such as an ice hockey or basketball match, so we did. It was excellent. Some New Yorkers told us to get stuck in and what to shout and when. The atmosphere was electric, the game was pretty tense and violent! I was so pleased we hadn't just gone to watch another musical.

Make sure you make the most of New York being a 24-hour city. Go out to dinner at 11pm and then watch a movie. If I was to live anywhere other than my current home town, it would be New York, hands down! Friendly people and so much to do.

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Spend an afternoon discovering interesting shops in Greenwich village, there are many cool things to see there. Brooklyn is super trendy now, with small independent stores opening up all the time. Try to check out some of these off the beaten path type things. I went to the Chelsea Hotel, just to get a photo, and a few other subculture type landmarks. I'm not sure what you are interested in but there are many very good galleries and museums, the city is full of them! How long will you be there? Because you can easily spend a week checking out museums. You should also make an effort to try some of the local favorite restaurants, the local magazines and papers will usually have some good eateries listed for tourists that want an authentic tour of the city. Oh, you must go to Chinatown, it is cliché, but it's so cool.

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