Who Prints Money In USA?


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The US Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), which is part of the Department of the Treasury.  The Bureau's website is full of trivia and facts about dollar bills, very interesting to read.

The BEP has about 2300 employees spread out over an estimated 25 acres of office space in Washington D.C.  The notes are actually produced at these offices, and at an extra printing office in Fort Worth, Texas.  

Typically 40% of production is for $1 (one dollar) notes, about 10% for $100 notes, and about 16% of output being either $5, $10 and $20 notes.  Very few $2 or $50 notes are made each year.

Coins in the USA are made by the United States Mint, also under the auspices of the US Dept. Of the Treasury, at separate sites in six different cities across the USA.

After manufacture notes and coins are taken to the Federal Reserve, the Institution responsible for distributing the money.
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The US Treasury prints the our money for the United States Federal Reserve System which despite its misleading title is a private international banking corporation chaired by Ex-Goldman Sachs executive Ben Bernanke.  The Fed creates money out of thin air and manages our monetary policy.  The treasury borrows money from the fed and us taxpayers pay the interest thru taxes and inflation.

According to the Feds own website our government has this arrangement to keep Congress and politics out of the countries monetary affairs...If you buy that I have a bridge to sell you.

The american people are not supposed to figure this out and most politians either don't know this or understand it, but Ron Paul does.
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If researched further, one would discover that th u.s. Mint represents th Constitutional government, an th dept of treasury falls under th 'corporate'  U.S., that was formed in 1871. If you read th Constitution, you will find only three types of Law...common, equity, an admiralty.  Th codes an statutes, however, are commercial law, based on th federal reserve note.  Under th Constitution, only flesh an blood humans are 'persons', an they may do as they will, provided they do not injure another, damage their property, or misrepresent for gain.  In short, a 'crime'...must have an 'injured party', or there is no offense.  Under th codes an statutes, a 'person' can be a group, organization, or STATE, an one may be held to account for a host of violations of their corporate control.  Your Grandfather may not have realized it, an your father certainly wasn't aware of it, but our three God given rights, were 'sold', for th permission to use a dollar.  In 1985 Ronald Reagan authorized th u.s. Mint to produce gold coin again.  This action removed th corporate blanket that had been thrown over th Constitution.  One now has a tool they may use to reveal th tyranny that's decieved them.  If you ask a lawyer why th codes an statutes aren't in th Constitution, he will tell you that they have 'blended' th laws all together.  But one only has to use a simple five dollar, legal tender, gold coin, as five dollars in th payment of a fine, to discover that th court will not accept it, an th rest of your money will be returned, an th fine declared unpaid.  They have 'blended' nothing.  Under th Constitution, you still have you right to Life, Liberty, an th Pursuit of Happiness.  Under th corporation, you are a 'customer', your daily existence subject to their 'permission'  Who, are you?

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