Is There A Million Dollar Bill Being Used In The United States?


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No, the million dollar bill is not considered legal tender in the US and is not in circulation.

The largest bill in common circulation is the $100 bill - although notes are printed up to the value of $100,00 for use between banks and governmental institutions.

One million dollar bill
There have been a great many instances of fake million dollar bills being printed, often as part of jokes or as flashy marketing campaigns.

For example, the US Libertarian Party has printed pamphlets made to resemble a million dollar note in order to bring the attention of American voters to their political message.

Additionally, Living Waters Publications (an evangelical Christian ministry) has created religious tracts made to resemble a million dollar note.

More recently, the ministry has also tried their luck with billion dollar bills.

Has anyone ever used a $1,000,000 bill?
Believe it or not, there have also been some instances of people actually producing counterfeit million dollars notes for the purpose of committing fraud.

Mind you, this is a rather curious way of counterfeiting money as it should be obvious to anyone working in a business that million dollar notes are not in circulation.

Moreover, some stores in the US have a policy of not accepting any denomination higher than a $50 note.
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No, the biggest bill currently in circulation in the USA is the $100. That isn't likely to change for a very long time.

If such a bill did exist it, it would only be exchanged between institutions (like the government and the banks). No chance of Joe Public ever laying an eye on one.

In the past, a number of larger denomination bills (read more) have been issued and used between institutions (ranging from $500 to $100,000 in value). These are now obsolete and also not needed in the modern age of electronic money transfers.

President Richard Nixon brought in legislation in 1969 to cease public circulation of the higher denomination bills. Some were kept circulating for a while, but are only of value to collectors, now.

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