What Are The Traditional Courting Rituals In China?


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It has long been the Chinese custom for a boy's parents to contact a girl's parents by means of a mediator to arrange a marriage, doing so before the young couple have ever met. Today, however, courting in Hong Kong is usually done Western style. In fact, dating now begins in the teens, even though the majority of marriages are contracted by couples in their mid- or late twenties.
When a couple who are courting decide to get married, usually the boy goes to the girl's parents about the matter. Sometimes the boy's parents, or in some rare cases a mediator known by both families, will intercede for the boy. At this contact between the two families the wedding details, dowry and other requirements are discussed. In these considerations the girl's parents have the primary say.
When it comes to selecting a date for the wedding, parents may consult a fortune-teller who may pick a "lucky day." Or the "lucky day" may be arrived at by looking in the Chinese almanac. This is basically a book of astrology listing each day of the year and what should or should not be done on that day. " Every avenue possible is explored to bring "good luck."

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