Do Indian Need Visa To Enter Malaysia As Tourist?


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Since May 2008 they have stopped issuing Visa On Arrival to Indian citizen Except if he has a visa to enter Singapore or Thailand.


Visa-on-arrival will be given only to foreign nationals who already have a visa to enter Singapore or Thailand.

However, the following conditions apply:

1. The visa will be specifically for tourist purposes only and is valid for a duration period of 14 days. Extension of visa is NOT allowed.
2. Must have a confirmed return ticket AND
3. Point of entry is
a) The Kuala Lumpur International Airport OR
b) The Sultan Abu Bakar Complexs, Tanjung Kupang.
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I have an Indian colleague going into Malaysia in August 09 for 3 days, entering on Friday and leaving on Sunday. Does he needs to have a visa and does he needs to apply in Singapore before he enter.

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