How Much Is Flight Ticket From Nigeria To Malaysia?


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The cost of a flight ticket from Nigeria to Malaysia depends on a whole list of factors, including different airlines, from where in Nigeria to where in Malaysia the flight needs to be, how many people will be flying, is it a one-way or return ticket, which class, and the list goes on.

  • Lagos to Kuala Lumpur example
For instance, departing on August 19 from Lagos Airport, Nigeria to Kuala Lumpur Airport, Malaysia, with a return date of August 26; one person traveling in the economy class could expect to pay anything between US $3294.52, or Nigerian Naira NGN 506,946.15, or Malaysian Ringgit MYR 9,797.50 and US $6,804.21, Nigerian Naira NGN 1,046,997.97, Malaysian Ringgit MYR 20,234.51, depending on the selected airline.

Airline options for these flights were South African Airways, British Airways and KLM. The choices included 33 flights with just one stop-over and seven flights with two stop-overs.

  • Specific Research
It becomes clear that this question regarding the cost of a flight from Nigeria to Malaysia will require research tailored to specific personal requirements. A particularly effective research tool presents itself in shape of the Easy Voyage website, from which the above information was taken. This site not only gives prices, but also flight times, etc.

Alternatively, a local travel agent should be able to provide all the necessary details, such as prices, availability and frequency of flights, different choices of airline etc.

Contacting information desks at relevant airports may also shed some light on the question of availability, prices etc. In any case, potential travelers should check whether they will need a visa to enter Malaysia. Apparently, visas are required for citizens of Nigeria, as well as many others. More detailed information may be found at Learn4Good.
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Flight Ticket From Nigeria To Malaysia price
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I want to know how much is going to cost me from nigeria to malaysia and the name of the flight
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Go to it will bring you to all the flights for all the different airlines. Just enter your dates and time of departure and return.
You will get a list of all !!! The airlines and prices.
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17- 18 hours

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