What Does ATF Do For The United States?


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ATF could stand for a number or places or organisations related to the United States. In all probability you are referring to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which is the name of a law enforcement agency which comes under the United States Department of Justice. It is thus a U.S federal agency.    It is involved with the investigation as well as prevention of federal offences which entail the unlawful utilisation, manufacture, or even possession of firearms in addition to explosives. Such involvement is extended to acts of arson, bombings as well as illegal trafficking of either alcohol or tobacco products. It has a number of other functions. For instance it regulates sales, ownership, plus transportation of items such as firearms, ammunition etc. Via licensing.    A.T.F. Was also the name of a television film which was produced in the year 1999 for the American Broadcasting Company.
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Slaughters Branch Davidians, collects abnormal amounts of taxes, burns churches, kills dogs, kills children.

Not kidding. See "Ruby Ridge" and "Waco Siege".

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