What Makes People Travel To Other Countries For Further Studies?


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Although the precise reasons will vary, it is very common for people to travel to other countries for further studies if they cannot find the program that they are looking for closer to home. Additionally, some people might find that universities in their home country are not well equipped with resources and technology to meet the changing needs of students, while universities or colleges in other countries may be better able to provide these services.

Another key reason for studying abroad is that a student may have won a scholarship. Some universities in the United States, for example, will offer scholarships or other awards to international students and these can be very enticing. Also, those students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies may look beyond the borders of their home country if they wish to work with a well-known specialist in the field. For example, if a Canadian student wanted to write his/her MA thesis or doctoral dissertation in British history, it might make sense to attend a UK university, if he/she was not able to find a British historian closer to home.

People also travel abroad for research purposes, especially at the postgraduate level. If you are researching for an MA thesis, for example, you may find that you will have to travel to another country to use their archives, or to conduct interviews.

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