What are some travel tips and tricks for people travelling first time in India?


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Don't drink the water.

Don't try to smuggle drugs in or out of the country.

Learn the language and some local customs.

Do some research.

Don't marry anyone or give anyone any money.

Secure your belongings, tell your family and friends about your travel itinerary, don't go alone.

Used basic common sense and please don't have sex with anyone.

Have fun😄

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Jan has a lot of good advice that goes with traveling anywhere in the world, and I will add only a few more. Be aware of your surroundings. Be sure to have travel health insurance. Another is do not approach ANY animals. In India this is particularly true. Rabies is a big issue there. 36% of the world's rabies death occur in India every year. 

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Be sure to watch your step. There might be cow sh$t every few feet. (I'm speaking from experience.)

People might stare...like REALLY stare.

The price you are told for an item is generally not the price that that particular item is meant to be sold in. You might have to bargain a few times.

You will run into some stray animals. Don't come in contact with them. They've got rabies and what not.

Keep your belongings secure.

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ans: India packs
a lot into a massive space, and you'll never have time to see it all on one
trip. Think about what interests you, what you like doing and how much time you
have, and tailor your trip accordingly. Be realistic about how much you can fit
in. Rather than trying to see the whole country, you may get more out of your
trip if you concentrate on the south of the country, or on the north.There
are following:

1.The classics

2.Religious sites

3.Mughal magic

4.Beaches & waterways

5.Wildlife encounters

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You can also use public transport and to travel by bus or by subway. It’s the cheapest way but you will have to take your entire luggage with you in an unknown city. It’s also difficult to call such a trip comfortable.

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