What Is The Value Of A 1792 Half Penny With An Elephant On One Side And Lady Gadiva On The Other Side, With Coventry Written On It ? Thankyou


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There are a number of factors that affect the value of coins. These include: age, type and condition. Do not clean the coin until you assess whether or not this will help the value, because you could damage or dimenish its value. However, many coin collectors prefer clean coins so don't worry if you have already cleaned it!

There are resources that help you to assess the value of your coin. Look at your local library or bookstore for books on the topic of coin collecting. A bookstore may be your best bet because the more current the publication the better. Coin values fluctuate each year. You could also see a rare coins and antiques expert. You may be able to find a local one in your area in the phonebook. Ask the dealer's oppinion on your coin. Don't stop there. Get another oppinion (or many!) to get the best idea of your coin's worth.
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Since it won't let me post an answer, I will post it in under comments. As a professional numismatist I need to warn you NOT to clean your coin, if you do you will completely destroy its value (collectors hate clean coins). Since older coins like yours are so hard to appraise without actually seeing them, you need to bring it to a coin dealer to have it appraised.

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