If It Is 2:00 Pm EST What Time Is In On CST?


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There is one hour difference between the EST time zone and CST time zone. This would mean that if it were 14:00 in EST it would be 13:00 in CST. 
The world is split into a number of time zones; America itself is split up into six. There are 40 time zones in the world and have been since 1884.
The EST zone incorporated the east coast of the United States, which includes cities like Washington and New York, situated beside the Atlantic Ocean. The CST or central time is comprised of the area in the centre of America, including Dakota.
Time zones are necessary because by the time the light rises in one area of the world, owing due to the spinning spherical nature of the world, darkness falls on different parts of the planet.
Time zones cause problems for business and deliveries as people cannot call places at sociable hours. For example someone calling parts of Australia from the UK would have to call between 23:00 and 07:00 to catch them when they were at work. This makes it very hard for such conversations to take place between companies in certain parts of the world and others as people are sleeping and waking, working and relaxing all at different times of the day. This causes issues for businesses and individuals alike.
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If  it is 2:00 pm EST what time is in Buenos Aires, Argentina?

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