How Many And In What Countries Are The African Pyramids Located Other Than Egypt And How Many Today, Are Still Standing World-wide?


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Other than the famous pyramids of ancient Egypt, there were also similar pyramids in Mesopotamia, Mexico, China and other parts of Africa. In terms of African pyramids outside of Egypt, the majority were built in Nubia, an area located in present-day Sudan. The Nubians constructed about 220 pyramids and they served a similar purpose as pyramids in Ancient Egypt. These structures were burial places for kings and queens of the Kushite, Meroe and Napata kingdoms. Additionally, buried rulers were mummified, similarly to Egyptian rulers.

Most of the Nubian pyramids were plundered, thus very little, if any, treasures and jewels remain inside the tombs. Nevertheless, many of the structures still stand, such as the Meroe Pyramids, of which there are several still remaining. These were built between circa 308 BC and AD 350. The pyramids vary from 10 to 30 meters in height. There are also several pyramids at Nuri, and these are somewhat larger than those at Meroe--most of them are between 20 and 30 meters high.
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Thanks so much! I have seen the African structures in Mexico, but have yet to visit any part of Africa, so I thought I'd do my research as there are several countries I'd like to visit there starting with Egypt, but I know there's been trouble in the Sudan region with the Islamic fighting, so that might be a visit deferred. But, thank you so very much!

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