When Does Summer Time Start In England?


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English summer is officially supposed to begin in the UK on the 21st of June this year. This however, is very subjective and because of the gradual changes between seasons, a number of different factors can be considered or dismissed when considering when summer has actually started.

The summer solstice is one of the only constant measurable variables that can be used to gauge the seasons. The summer solstice is an astronomical position which occurs when the sun is at it its highest point and results in the longest hours of sunlight of the year (the opposite of this, the shortest day of the year is known as the winter solstice). The summer solstice in 2011 will occur on the 21st of June.

The seasons are dictated by the Earth's position in relation to the sun. The Earth is on a tilted axis which, as it revolves around the sun means that certain parts of the Earth are closer to the sun, and therefore warmer at different times of the year. When it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa.

A more general definition for the seasons is simply to partition the four seasons over the 12 months of the year, summer is typically judged to run between June and August, autumn between September and November, winter between December and February and spring between March and May.

Because of the temperamental nature of the British climate however, these definitions can be skewed one way or the other or simply not abided by at all. It is very common in Britain for the summers to be very cool and rainy while the winters are very mild and warm. It has even been known to snow heavily in the middle of summer in Wales.
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Summer time in England starts around the same time as in the US. Both countries are farther up north in the northern hemisphere and get the sun's direct rays around the same time.
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I was informed many years ago that English Summer officially began on 5 May and ended on 5 August
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Always been my knowledge that it actually starts on the 24 June.
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I don't know but one of my friends said its on exact JUNE one other friend said its on JUNE 21st. I'm not quite exact but I think its the time its blately HOTT ! ;o :)
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Summer time starts at the end of April and early May. There is an official summer time but despite this it often starts heating up toward the end of March when spring starts to give way to summer days and balmy evenings. By April when there may be spring showers, the last of the residual cold has blown away, but there may still be some freak snow storms right into May that destroy the fruit developing on the trees, yet generally it is not the case.
Despite the bad press England get about the weather it has, it is not so as extreme as it is changeable. You can have all four seasons some days, but it is rarely bitterly cold.
My favourite time in both England and Scotland is late April and The month of May, when streams are rushing, blossoms are everywhere, the sun is gentle and lovely to sit in and there are birds chirping and butterflies in the air, is my favourite
Bluebell meadows can be enjoyed all over the wilds of England.
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5th may
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When it is start and when it is end- all the answers have given me the right thought. :)
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The UK does not have summers! And definately NOT in March, April, or May (average temperature is less than 15).... There may be a day , or two, of sunshine in August...if you're lucky.

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