What Is The Time Difference Between London And South Africa?


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The difference in time between England and South Africa is roughly around 1 hour.For example if the time in england is 2 pm , then in Johannesburg, South Africa it will be 3 pm.
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WInter time in the UK there is a 2 Hour difference.
Summer time in the UK there is a 1 hour difference.

Easy.  11h02 in sunny SA and it is now 09h02 in the UK
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London time is GMT. South Africa time zone is SAST.

SAST is 1 hour ahead of GMT
I.s. GMT +1 = SAST

if its 12o'clock in london then it will be 1 pm or am in south africa.
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South Africa is +2 hours ahead of England in winter and +1 in summer (last Sunday in March through last Sunday in October). 
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The difference is 12o'clock in London then it will be 1 pm or am in south Africa.
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Actually it is either one or two hours depending on the time of year, the UK has daylight saving and SA doesnt.
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2pm   during   summer   and   1pm   during   winter   due   to   London   turning   back   the   clock   every   year   by   one   hour   due   to   daylight  savings   time   which   was   first   created   by   Sir   Benjamin   Franklin.
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I'm not sure what the answere is I just wanted the right answere but my estimate is about 1hour!
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England is in the north hemishpere and south africa are not.  england is in europe africa is in africa. Thats two ways.
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At this time of year, e.g. Post autumnal equinox in UK (=Greenwich Mean Time) the time difference between England and South Africa is two hours, S.A.T being ahead of GMT. While I am writing this it is 13.53 GMT so it is 15.53 in Cape Town.

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