What Laws Have Been Passed Against Gangs In America?


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Gangs are group of people whose circumstances have forced them to take to crime and violence. Most of the young people who join gangs in the United States of America, and then influence other youths to become members of these gangs, are the children of immigrants in the United States of America.

While law enforcement agencies in every state in the United States of America try to maintain law and order in every area of every city in every state of the country, these laws are not strictly implemented as the anti-social elements carry on with their activities and spread them to other areas of the city and state.

While most of the older immature criminals are arrested and imprisoned, their gun licences and driving licences are confiscated and lawmakers in many states in the United States of America have issued orders to send the younger ones to correctional facilities and help them earn a living rather than prosecuting them and ruining their future.

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