How Did The Hispanic Race Come About And What Was Their Contribution To America?


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The term 'Hispanic' refers to an origin from Spain or applies to any Spanish speaking person of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity. Ironically, the term is also applied to any mixed race. The reference may be to any one or multiple races of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American or any other Spanish culture or origin. The Hispanic race has long since made America its home. Since the ancient, pre-medieval and medieval times and right through the Renaissance, the Hispanics or Latinos have settled and contributed well to the American economy and culture. Much of the immigration is attributed to the civil wars and racial disturbances during the various periods of history.

Hispanics have made America their home, in the truest sense, by adding to the already vibrant culture and diversity of the nation. The natives of the land accommodated them well and in time, benefited from the presence of these extremely versatile and talented people. Their flexible lifestyles and hospitable and grateful nature earned them an undisputed space within the American domain. The Hispanics have contributed in more than one way to the American society.

Shelley Morningson, the beautiful 'soul' singer, Dr. Severo Ochoa, the Nobel Prize winner in Physiology for the discovery of RNA in 1959 and Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz, the first Hispanic astronaut in space are just a few examples. Among the stars of Hollywood, it is impossible not to be familiar with Hispanic doyens and stalwarts like Rita Hayworth, Anthony Quinn and Beatriz Michelena. They have served in the armed forces of the nation, contributed to medicine, entertainment, business, education, civil rights and even the favorite American pastime, baseball!
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Hispanics came from Israel. Now all Hispanics though, only the ones who have Jewish heritage.
The "ez" on the end of many Hispanic names means eretz which mean from the land of Israel.
They come probably from the tribe of Judah or Benjamin.
They left Israel as Jews and many went to Spain, then with Columbus to Central and South America, then into New Mexico and Colorado, even Texas.
Take a look at the Israelis and the Iraqis and you will see the physical resemblance to American Hispanics.
If you look at history you will find this is where the Hispanics came from.
Hispanic is not a race, but an ethnicity.

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Maybe somene should ask how people of that "Ethnicity" feel about being called "Hispanic".

I just got into a discussion with a friend that prefers it not be used and that it's an insult to call him hispanic. Despite his being a devoute Christian he called me stupid because I am white and should not be asking since I wouldn't or can't understand. I tried to ask ifn he was always Mexican as Mayan Aztec etc or Native America, but was told to just quit being stupid. Anyone else?

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