How Far Is Bangkok, Thailand From Chicago, Illinois In Miles?


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The distance from Bangkok in Thailand to Chicago in Illinois, United States of America is 8570 miles.

Bangkok, called in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, is the name of the biggest city as well as the capital of the country of Thailand. As per the population census conducted in the year 2000, it housed a total of 6,355,144 residents, but in fact it houses at least the double of that figure. Additionally to being the largest, Bangkok is also the richest and most populated city in the country, ranking 22nd in the world in terms of population. It boasts of one of the highest rates on the planet in terms of constructing skyscrapers.

Chicago is the name of the biggest city of Illinois, housing around three million residents. It is a prominent centre, dealing with areas like culture, transportation, finance etc.

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