How Many Miles Is Chicago To Las Vegas?


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The distance between Las Vegas (in the State of Nevada) and Chicago (State of Illinois) is around 1,800 miles. This means that there’s around 3,000 km of road ahead of you if you plan on driving. By road, this will take you more than a day of continual travel. So, of course, if you’re going to drive then you will need to keep the essentials for living in your car at hand, knowing which hotels you can stop off on your way. Driving may take a while, but it’s a great way of taking in some of the great American culture as you travel.

If you want to reach Las Vegas fast, then you’ll no doubt want to go by a commercial flight or a train. Most people prefer to do this, not because it takes longer, but because the drive will have you going through a huge amount of desert. Driving through desert can be attractive, but with a lack of gas stations and stores around, you could face problems if your car breaks down. If you do plan on driving, double-check weather conditions so that you know you will not experience problems, or face closed roads during your journey that may result in lengthy diversions.

Las Vegas is a popular destination for Americans, Europeans and Asians alike. It’s not just Americans from places like Chicago that consider going to the famous American city to spend some money and enjoy a great time. The very fact that Las Vegas is the global capital for gambling and partying means that you’re just one of the many people throughout America and the rest of the world that is considering the Strip for their next holiday.
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The distance between Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America and Chicago, Illinois, United States of America is approximately 1,800 miles which equals to approximately 2,900 kilometres by road. It takes more than 24 hours in order to reach there. It is advisable to go by either flight or by train in case you want to reach fast.

It is advisable to go there by train or flight as the journey is covered by desert and if your car breaks down, you shall face a lot of problems as you might not find a gas station for a long time.

It is better to check the weather conditions of both these places before leaving by car as some of the highways and roads might be closed due to extreme weather such as rain. If you go by car, you will not be able to drive for 24 hours straight. You will have to stay a night over at a hotel.
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The mileage between Chicago and Vegas is 1882 miles, but there are few gas stations in between desert terrain.
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