How Many Miles Is It From Lawton To Oklahoma City?


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Lawton is a city which is located in southwest region of the Oklahoma. It is located towards the south of the Mount Scott, Lake Lawtonka and Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. Lawton is located at a distance of 96.1 miles and the approximate time taken to reach Lawton from Oklahoma City is 1 hour and 29mins. Reaching to this location is fairly easy and would take less time depending upon the traffic.

Starting from Lawton, you'll have to travel from W GORE BLVD and then go towards RAILROAD Street; here you'll have to take a left turn and then a left turn again on W GORE BLVD. From here, take a right turn on NW 2nd street. Then drive down onto 1-44EAST and then exit from here and move towards TULSA/WICHA. From here take exit number 129 M.L. KING AVE and move ahead towards the NE 63rd Street. From here turn left on street BERNARD LN. Now take a right turn on NE 71st Street to arrive at Oklahoma.

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