How Many Miles To The Closest Ocean Beach From Oklahoma City, OK?


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The nearest beach to Oklahoma City is approximately 505 miles away. This is the Jamaica Beach in Texas which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and would take around nine hours to travel to from Oklahoma City.

The tourist industry in Jamaica Beach is currently suffering due to the biggest oil spill in US history, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill which occurred in 2010. An oil digger out in the Gulf of Mexico suffered an error which resulted in a mass amount of crude oil to spill out into the ocean. Although this has undergone a major clean up, it is certainly something you should consider before you embark on a trip.

If you choose not to visit Jamaica Beach, then the alternatives will be found mostly on the west coast of the United States. From Oklahoma City, this will be a much longer journey and will cost considerably more in fuel if you are driving.

The beaches in Los Angeles overlook the North Pacific Ocean, as do those in San Francisco. However, the journey by car to California would take up to a day depending on which roads you use to travel.

If you are looking to travel on the I-40 W then you should expect to cover a distance of 1,328 miles and this will take roughly 21 hours. Traveling on the I-40 W and then joining the I-10 W would see you traveling 1,476 miles which would take just 35 minutes less than a day; with a total traveling time of around 23 hours and 25 minutes. According to an online journey planner.

Of course, this is not a feasible day trip with regards to time or fuel consumption. However, it could be a possible consideration if you are looking to take a vacation and head down to the west coast.  
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The distance to the closest beach is around 450 miles, to the beaches at Galveston TX
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