What Did The Israelites Do That Placed Them In Egypt Where They Eventually Became Slaves That Moses Freed, With God's Help, Many Years Later?


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After Joseph informed his brothers that the must not grieve because they had sold him and caused him to be in Egypt, they understood that it was God's will.

To feed and improve life for the Israelites, people of his father (Jacob), all of his family moved to Egypt where Joseph placed them in cities throughout Egypt and his father with his immediate family in Goshen. Many years later, a different Pharaoh made all Israelites/Jews become his slaves.

Joseph made it a law that they must pay a fifth of their profits to Pharaoh. That law applied for as long as the Israelites lived in Egypt.

Jacob lived 17 years in Egypt before his death at the age of 147 years. Before he died, he made Joseph swear to bury him outside of Egypt; then, he bowed to his son, Joseph.

Before his death, Jacob met Joseph's sons and blessed the second-born, Ephram, instead of Manasseh because he knew that it was God's command because he would be blessed as Abraham's lineage before him and that his descendants would be many. He added a prophecy which was later applied by Jews to their expected Messiah and by Christians about Jesus. Joseph died at the age of 110 and was buried in a coffin in Egypt.

Genesis Chapter 49 and 50

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