Why Did The Israelites/Jews Settle In Egypt Where They Became Pharaoh's Slaves?


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Jacob, and his family ran out of food sources during the 7 year's famine so they went to Egypt to buy wheat. Israel's 11 sons purchased the wheat from an Egyptian official who happened to be the brother that they had sold to a camel caravan and then sold as a slave.

After his generosity to them, he kept one of them in jail until they first delivered Benjamin, Joseph's young brother by the same mother. Jacob, his elderly father, thought he was dead. The whole family, including all descendants, moved to Egypt. Joseph settled them in many cities.

For many years they lived free. A new Pharaoh, who was quite different than Joseph's Pharaoh, came to power. He became concerned that there were so many Israelites across the country that they might join Egypt's enemies and war against Egypt. That excuse was used to place a determined taskmaster over them and make the do hard labor rigorously for the Pharaoh. He demanded that all midwives kill all male newborn babies but the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelite and Egyptian midwives did not obey because they feared God. They were told to throw the male babies into the Nile River.

Exodus chapter 1
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You see though, it says that "that whole generation" died off. So if our basis is based on Jacob's family, we are left hanging...
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They moved because a bad drought struck and they chose to settle in Egypt because it had a lot of fertile land and a lot of fresh water because of the Nile River.

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