What Is The Distance From Boerne, Texas To Fredericksburg, Texas?


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The distance between Boerne, Texas, United States of America and Fredericksburg, Texas by road is approximately 41 miles which equals to approximately 66 miles. It takes about 45 minutes getting to Fredericksburg from Boerne by road. You can also take the rail in this case. It is a very straight and a simple road and the entire journey you will be surrounded by the desert.

The weather is usually dry so you do not have to worry about it but you need to make sure that your car remains cool all the time because there is a possibility that your car might break down due to intense heat outside.

You will have to stick to the TX-46 and US-87-BR while you are on your way there. You will also have to get on I-10 W and US-87-N.
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There is no desert between boerne and fredericksburg. It is the Texas Hill country. Weather varies greatly depending on the time of year. We frequently have thunderstorms with torrential rainfall. Temperature can range from the teens in the winter to 100+ in summer, it is not constantly hot. Also, there is NO rail line that connects these two towns.

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