What Is The Distance Between Barcelona And Gibraltar?


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The distance between Barcelona, Spain and Gibraltar, Gibraltar is approximately 1,143 miles which is equal to approximately 1,840 kilometres. It takes about 11 and a half hour to get there by road. Most people prefer travelling by sea or train in case people want to get there quite fast.

Though, it is recommended to go by road because of the beautiful landscapes which makes the journey very enjoyable. There are some places that you need to pass in order to get to Gibraltar. You will need to pass Carrer de Balmes, Rambla de Canaletes, Rambla de Saint Joseph, Valencia, Granada, Winston Churchill Avenue, Line wall Road and many more such places.

It is very important to check the weather of these both places before leaving for Gibraltar from Barcelona as some of the roads and highways might be closed to due extreme weather such as rain.

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