How To Find A Distance Between Milton Keynes And Alton Towers?


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Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, which is in South East England, situated in the United Kingdom is roughly a 102 mile drive away from Alton towers, Staffordshire, England. Thus it's roughly a 1 hour 56 minutes drive away.

Milton Keynes is a well-known, rather large town tucked away in northern Buckinghamshire which is approximately 45 miles (that is, 75 kilometres) north-west of London. It's found more or less midway between the main cities of London and Birmingham.

On the other hand, Alton Towers features among the UK's most famed theme parks. Found north of the village named Alton in Staffordshire, it's positioned on the spot of a semi-ruined Gothic themed country house, which again bears the same name. You will find Alton Towers hotel, as well as the Splash Landings hotel on this site.

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